What You Need for Home Workouts

Sport is one of the main ways to stay healthy and toned, which is why it should be a part of everybody’s life. However, it’s not possible for many to attend a gym – either of too expensive membership or lack of time. That’s why we suggest organizing a ‘gym’ at home, and here’s a check list of what you need for home workouts!

Comfy clothes

Even though you’re not practicing at the gym, you still need to have quality activewear. It’s not about the style – although looking good definitely motivates for workouts – but about comfort. Make sure to get clothes made of breathable, stretchable, and resistant material. Also, don’t forget to get compression support sleeves/braces to protect your muscles and joints if needed.

Place for trainings

Next, organize a place for you to train. It should be big enough for you to lie down and stand full height with your arms stretched up. Another important part of your home ‘gym’ is the surface you work out at. For that we recommend getting a training mat, for example an extra thick one for more intense workouts or a special mat for yoga.

Equipment and accessories

There are plenty of ways to do sports with no additional equipment or accessories, but you will make more progress if you have them. From essentials, we recommend resistance bands, foam rollers, and push-up stands.

Keeping up the routine

Finally, you will need to follow some workout plan, so as not to forget about your trainings in the comfort of your home. You can set reminders on your phone, but the better alternative will be a smart watch. With it, you can monitor your health data (heart rate, blood pressure), track progress (by comparing your measurements), and use apps for specific sports.

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